Wednesday, February 08, 2006

An advertisement in Vogue Magazine

I was reading the February issue of Vogue magazine and came across an advertisement from A Diamond is Forever that stood out to me after reading it. It is a picture of a woman wearing a very bright diamond ring on her right hand and beside it was the following;

“Your left hand dreams of love.
Your right hand makes dreams come true.
Your left hand whispers sweet nothings.
Your right hand tells it like it is.
Your left hand lives happily ever after.
Your right hand lives happily here and now.
Women of the world, raise your right hand.”

Then there are a few pictures of these rings that you could buy to wear on your right hand. At the first glance I thought this was a kind of cute advertisement; I mean after all I am all for having a reason to get another piece of jewelry. After I read it a few times, however, it made me think that this ad was a very big argument, as we had been discussing in class. Although the ad gives little statements on the benefits of having a ring on both hands, the last sentence makes it seem as though marriage is something that is very unrealistic. I think it is inadvertently telling the readers that love and marriage is nothing but a dream. It is saying that the whole fairy tale idea of living happily ever after is just that, a fairy tale. It tells the women of the world to not believe in love, enjoy sweet nothings, or imagine themselves married and happy in the years to come, but to raise their right hands and be more realistic. The ad portrays a very feminist view and I personally do not agree with it. It is not right to tell women that what so many want is unattainable and I believe that ads like this are the reason that there is so much doubt encumbering the perception of love and relationships.


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