Friday, February 17, 2006

Constructivism and transforming curriculum

I am posting a response to a question we were asked in my Science Methods Class.

Constructivism is "a theory of knowledge used to explain how we know what we know," as the article states. This, to me, seems to be a way of changing the current way of teaching of memorization and repetition and leading toward a more hands on and creative approach. In reading the article on constructivism, I related more to the teacher Bob who taught science in a more traditional, non-creative way. When I am a teacher I do not want to be like that I am just saying that my past science classes seemed to be that way. Although Bob's way of teaching is still considered constructive, to take the next step and allow students the chance to actually participate in the "whys" behind the answers gives a fuller understanding of the lesson. I was reminded of my senior year DC Biology class when reading the article on transforming education. My teacher, Mrs. Wilson, did very well at transforming the curriculum that we were given by spending long periods of time on certain topics. She also had us do many hands on activities like making a cell diagram out of only food (I chose to do a cake) and by showing us that taste is hereditary through the use of little chemical strips. She began the day by reading out of the textbook but after that we only really used it as a reference, as I hope to do in the future as a teacher.


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