Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Journal 1

Discuss your experience with writing. How do you understand yourself as a writer? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your writing techniques/process (i.e. Do you do any prewriting? Are you are compulsive drafter? Do you wait until the last minute? Do you use paper or a computer to compose? Do you follow any formulas for writing?)

I do not think I have a very strong experience with writing. I have taken English classes all throughout school and they have always been my favorite. I won the young authors contest when I was in the first grade for writing a story about going to Mars. In high school I was on the year book staff and wrote the captions and articles that were short and to the point but I have never had any experience really in expository writing. In my daily life I tend to write to-do lists and I enjoy the way a well structure paper really gets a point across. I find it easier to express feelings through writings more than through words and usually get better grades when allowed to write essays on tests.

When it comes to how I understand myself as a writer, I think that I tend to lead towards writing on a subject that I know one side of or am trying to express in a certain, structured manner. I think that this has a lot to do with my strengths and weaknesses in writing. I am usually passionate about what I write about and I express that well in my writings. I think that I make the words flow together and that it is easy to read. My weaknesses, however, seem to outweigh my strengths. My biggest problem is that it takes me forever to start the paper and to conclude it. I know what is going to be in the body but cannot seem to begin. I am also told very often that I have a problem with run on sentences. This is something that really irritates me since I have been in English classes for fifteen and years and yet still write run on sentences.

My writing technique is not very defined. When given a topic for a paper I usually brainstorm for a few minutes and then write down a basic outline of what I am going to say and any questions I want to answer as well. If I am not given the topic I usually think of about three different topics and choose which ever outline looks the best and use that for the paper. I do not write my papers out before I type them because it is easier for me just to type it as I am thinking it and then to edit it later.

I try not to procrastinate when it comes to writing a paper because. I like to go to the library to find all of the resources that I am going to use and then the next day do all of the actual writing. If I wait too long to start a paper it will affect my workload in my other classes and stress me out.


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