Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Journal 2

Describe your expectations for this class. What do you expect this class to be? What is influencing your perceptions of this class? What do you want to leave this class knowing? What are your goals for the class? What are you looking forward to in the class? What are you nervous about? What is the most important change you want to see in yourself of your writing that you think this course could foster?

I signed up for this class because I really needed to take more English classes and I was scared to take an advanced expository writing class when I had never taken a beginners one. When I got to class, however, I became more confident about the course. I liked the way that we all talked about how we use English in our lives and the problems that we all have with it.

I enjoy English and I always have, I just get worried that the way I write things is not necessarily the way others want percieve things. Sometimes I don’t agree with the red pen that so often colors the margins of my papers. The whole class helped me realize that everyone gets frustrated when writing but that it has rewards also. I would like to leave the class having learned confidence in what I write. I get nervous sharing what I write and blogging everyday is going to be a different experience.

The goals that I have set for this class are to not write as many run on sentences and to learn how to better introduce and conclude my papers. I am also looking forward to being more persuasive with my thoughts and on improving my overall writing skills. I am nervous about not being able to convey exactly what I am trying to say in a way that others will understand. I am also really bad when under pressure and the fact that there are going to be times when we are timed really scares me. The hardest part of writing for me is starting and knowing that I have a time constraint makes me think I will not be able to have time to prepare. I hope to change this the most and to become a concise and to the point writer. I think this class will foster my ability to do these things without even realizing it and help me in my future endeavors in writing.


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