Thursday, February 09, 2006

A journal entry from New Orleans

I decided to revise a section of one of my journal entries over J-term break in New Orleans.

An excerpt from a journal I kept last month in New Orleans…

…Last night I slept pretty well and woke up around 9 am to be surprised that we were in New Orleans already. We drove through Treme and New Orleans East and I felt like we were in a foreign country, like the poorer parts of the Bahamas. You could see the devastation that had occurred and imagine how much worse it probably was a few months ago. There were cars on the sides of the main roads that must just not work due to the storm which made me wonder who they belonged to and if they were in them at the time or if they got moved from their houses in the flood. Before I knew it, we came to the church where we unpacked our belongings and set up our beds. The majority of the class then went on a tour to see the east side but a few of us decided to do a little touring of our own. We went to the graveyard that is beside the church and it was crazy to see how different it was compared to the ones at home. Nobody is put under the ground here due to the flooding I believe.

The passage revised…

…After putting my contacts back in from a surprisingly sound sleep on the bus, I was surprised to look out the window and see that we were in New Orleans already. Everyone on the bus stared out the windows in awe as we were passing through Treme and New Orleans East. I felt like we had been asleep forever and woke up in some kind of third world country, like in the poorer parts of the Bahamas or Mexico. The amount of devastation that we were driving through looked as though it had hit four days ago, not four months ago. The highways were lined with rows of abandoned cars, which made me start to wonder whether there had been people in them trying to escape or if they had simply floated away from their homes. My mind continued to float away until we arrived at the church that we were going to be calling home for the next two weeks. We unpacked our things, set up our beds, and began to make ourselves comfortable. Then, the majority of class went back on the bus to go on a tour of the east side. A few others, including myself, did not want to get back on the bus just yet and decided to go on a little sight seeing of our own. We saw a Mausoleum that was right beside the church so we walked around it for a while and noted how all the tombs were above ground.


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