Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Me Street

J2/ Growing up, you belonged to several communities, but the most obvious one was probably the community that you lived in...your neighborhood. As a young adult, you are moving away from that community and entering others. Help your classmates and me visualize the communities that you belong to as the neighborhood where “You” currently reside. In other words, if “You” were neighborhood, comprised of different houses with residents inside of them which represent the different communities that you consider yourself part of, what would it look like? From the list of communities that you wrote down for Journal 1, choose 4-6 communities and describe them as houses on “You” street. In order to help us truly understand the nature of these communities—their members, their shared beliefs, and the tensions/controversies within them—you may want to begin by freewriting about the following questions (adapted from Thomas Deans):

The first house in my neighborhood would be the house I currently live in at home. This house would be light greyish blue with four brick pillers and a screened in porch and would be located in the Kingsboro neighborhood in Suffolk, VA. The house that I live in is almost a hundred years old and therefore holds a lot of history. The community is not the safest in the world as we live in the downtown section of the city, but I love it just the same. It reminds me of Christmas when I was little and it has the two people that I hold closest to my community, my dad and brother. Although I don't think I want to live in the same area that I grew up in, I always find it refreshing to visit and that feeling of home never goes away.

The second house in my neighborhood would be a beach house because ever since I was born the beach has played a pretty large role in my life. Suffolk is about thirty minutes from the beach and I cannot even count the days that we would drive there after school or work. The beachhouse would consist of my friends and would be a little cottage that you could find in Nags Head. It would be blue and tranquil and the cost of membership would be free to all those who I remember spending days in the water with. None of us really argue about anything, if we get annoyed we simply grab a board and go in the water and let our emotions out. If we feel like fishing, we do it; we love to fish. Most of the days, however, we find ourselves just laying out and enjoying the sun because it is probably the most defined part of the community and all of us that are part of it love the sun and treat it with the most respect.

The third house would be a church and although I am not a girl that goes to church every sunday, I find it comforting to be able to go whenever I feel as though I need to. I think that everyone should be able to come to the church that is on me street. It would be a large brick Christian church as I remember visiting quite frequently when I was young with my friend and her family, as my parents didn't really go to church. I think that having a church is vital among a community, even if people decided not to attend all the time, there should be a place thats open at all hours for all reasons.

The last house on me street would be a Randolph-Macon house. This house would be one that alumni and current students of RMC could attend. The walls would be full of pictures and other mementos from the years that I attended the college and there would be a library and other such resource rooms to help those that would currently be attending the college. Randolph Macon has a very close community being as it is so small, and although that can sometimes be a very annoying one of it's qualities, it also helps in some ways too. The people that I have met and even some of the professors, have been people that I am not likely to forget.


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