Friday, February 24, 2006


I was thinking about communities today after looking at my posts of the different communities I thought that I wanted to write about. Igot to thinking about the Randolph-Macon community and what it consists of and then I started to see how very predictable our community is. I mean if you think about it the daily life of a Randolph-Maconer is to go to class from Monday - Friday, study Monday - Wednesday, go to Break Time on Thursday and then go to his or her chosen favorite fraternity house on Friday and Saturday or a few other randomly placed houses. I never really realized that communities were quite as defined as they are. Everyone knows you are from Randolph-Macon if you go to sheetz late nate to get a shmizcuit and VA BBQ is quite fond of the few of us who go in their for studying or for hushppuppies. El Azteca visits are also interesting and it is always funny to see that if you are eating with a guy they will let you sit off to the side but if you are with a group of girls you get a table right in the middle of the rerstaurant and many stares and conversations with the people who work there from things about drugs to boyfriends and even pictures come to play. This brings me to Champ, in my opinion he should be Randolph-Macon's mascot. Never have I met someone who loves his job as much as Champ does and he is always there to give you that bag of chips and hear stoies about what you going to do that weekend, or if its Sunday, what embarrassing things that you have unfortubnately done. You can count on Estes to dissapoint you every time you open those heavy doors and for Macon Coffee to bust out into a dance paty because the music is never ever at a reasonable level, or station for that matter. But I guess it is these little things that are what make a community and nobody really notices them unless they are a part of it.


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