Monday, February 27, 2006

style summar lesson two

Lesson Two in Style is about correctness. It was basically about the use of different words in different situations and whether they were correct or not. It gave grammatical rules like not starting a sentence with the word and, but the rules were also rather debatable. It was giving a premis for writers to follow but stray from if they felt compelled to do so. It gives the writer the choice to do as they please but asks them to use their best judgement. It tells how grammar changes throughout history and it talked about three kinds of grammer rules in depth; “real rules”, “rules of standard english”, and “folklore”. Joseph Williams developed the concept of “real rules” and said that they should be followed but that the writer should also put a twist on it to make it their own. “Rules of standard english” make sure that standard English dialect is used while writing and “folklore” is one of two invented rules. These two invented rules are “folklore” which are the rules that aren’t really noticed when they are ignored, and then “elegant options” which are formal rules to the paper. Random “hobgoblins” are also talked about which are irregularities in correctness.


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