Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine's Day

I have been reading other people's blogs and have found a few on the idea of Valentines Day and about love and whatnot. I wanted to blog today to show my opinion on the matter since it is very different to what I have seen.
I think that Valentine's Day is a very special holiday; I think that it is really the only day, birthday and such instances as anniversarys aside, that the guy really needs to go all out for their girlfriend. I agree that Valentine's Day is very commercialized and whatnot, but I feel that the main purpose of it is to show how much you care about someone and is a thank you for everything you do for them all year. I think that girls do a lot of sacrificing over the year. We drink beer when we would rather be drinking cosmos, we watch way more football, baseketball, and golf then we would prefer, and we don't throw up when made to look at the pictures of dead bucks that our boyfriends are so proud of. It is the one day that it devoted to hanging out with the one that you love without any of your friends giving you hell about it. I think that it is the one day for people to show how much they care for you and I am not talking about by buying chocolate and flowers, but just by the whole day in itself. If you show that you actually have a romantic side in you and that you appreciate one another, than you can slack off for the rest of the year and we can deal with hours of espn and tiger woods video games.
I think that having Valentine's Day every day would be, not only impossible, but annoying as well, especially at this point in our lives. College is a time when we should be having fun and exploring ourselves at people. All too often I feel that people become part of something that is too serious and with too high of expectations. Relationships should be fun and although cute surprises such as flowers on a random Monday are sweet and the idea is definitely welcomed, I feel that it's okay if they don't. Anyways, I just wanted to share how I think that Valentine's Day shouldn't be about buying those cheesy heart shaped candy boxes and be more about sharing the day in itself, because it's not needed every day.


Blogger Shannon Hollender said...

Refrenced this in one of my posts. I think you're right. Not an every-day thing, but a time to be together and cute and to celebrate the love shared. Though I must admit, I'm the one who shows off the prize buck and he shies away from meat-on-the-bone-BBQ-ribs. Eh, it's individuality. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

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