Saturday, March 04, 2006

Bob Marley

"Bob Marley... fighting to end the oppression of fraternity boys". I saw this on a poster in the laundry room at school and got to thinking about what Bob Marley stood for compared to how he is perceived today. Bob promted freedom of expression and fought for the oppression of minorities in Jamaica, he was an all around freedom fighter. The perception of Bob Marley today, however, is nothing like this at all. He is now tossed around the college scence as a symbol for marijuana use and that is about the only thing. Nobody knows the true significance of what Bob Marley really means and stood for. In almost every dorm room/fraternity room there is a picture of Bob Marley up or the red, yellow, and green colors spread around the room because Bob has been totally turned into a part of "college life" just as Jim Belushi has become a hot commodity wearing his "college" shirt from Animal House. In thinking about this exploitation of Bob, it makes me wonder who else we do this to. Since when did it become okay to idolize people without knowing their history and why it is that you like them? Why are we displaying things on the walls of our bedrooms that we know nothing about and relate to the whole idea of smoking pot or just being a part of the average, every day college goer. If we are smart enough to be going to college and obtaining a higher education, then why are there still people who aren't educated enough on matters like this. It just bothers me a little bit, and in seeing the repitition of Bob Marley posters in just about every room in every college, I decided to write about it in case anybody who reads this is guilty of the same thing.


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