Friday, March 17, 2006

critique of educational website

Educational Web-site Critique Form

Web-site URL:

Specific subject matter addressed:
-To leave no child behind and to make sure all children have a healthy start in life

Publisher/ owner (who publishes this): Children’s Defense Fund

When last updated? 2005

Do all the links work? Yes.

User friendliness: Very friendly.

Brief Synopsis of this site:
It gives different ways of meeting children’s health, welfare, development, and education needs. It tells ways to prevent poverty by outreach programs. It shows child advocacy programs and how to engage the community to help. There is a place to donate to the organization and has data available on issues like where America stands among other industrialized countries for various things. It lists jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities that are available for the public. Lastly, it gives links for other organizations, networks, and publications for many social issues.

Who could use this information? (specific to age/grade level appropriateness)
Teachers would benefit from the site more than students because it educates mainly on child welfare, something that children themselves would not really understand. It is a good site for high school children and college students to use when researching social issues because there are many links.

How could this web-site be integrated into classroom instruction?
This site could be integrated into the classroom when discussing different socioeconomic statuses or when discussing the Unites States as a whole and how it compares to the rest of the world.

Would you actually use the recommend this site to teachers? Why or why not?
I would recommend this site to teachers because it offers a wide array of different acts that are trying to be passed and allows teachers to become more involved in the welfare of children. It gives many additional resources that would be of help to teachers as well.


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