Thursday, March 16, 2006

dont boycott breaktime

I am appalled at a flier that I just found on the floor of my hallway, Conrad 3. I don’t know who wrote it but it was entitled “Shattered Dreams: Boycott Break time”. The author began the article by presenting the argument that Break Time doesn’t appreciate the Randolph Macon students that come there on Thursday nights and that we should boycott until we get better service and recognition through something like a College Night with a cover charge and cheap alcohol. They do a pretty good job at convincing the reader that they are being taken advantage of, however, they also say that everyone who goes to break time on Thursday nights are idiots. I don’t understand how the author can stereotype everyone who goes there, when they themselves can price everything in the bar and provide details that would only be known if one went there. This person obviously wanted their point to be across that they hate break time as well as all the parties on campus, giving advice on how the fraternities could work together to make the houses rotate on parties every Friday and Saturday night. If this person really wants to see change on the campus then they need to be telling their ideas to someone in person where they could defend their argument a little better. Randolph Macon is a small liberal arts college and the students all applied fully knowing that there wasn’t going to be something to do every night of the week. The reason our school is what it is, is because we go out to dinner at Brick Over or Anna’s Italian Grill and then head back to her our dorms and houses to get ready to go to Break Time where we hear the closing time song come on all too early yet just in time. We go home, maybe get a phone call with some guy asking if “we want to watch a movie with me”, weigh the choices; but usually just go home, watch Sex and the City with the roommate, and then get some sleep; because Friday and Saturday are yet to come, but class does all too soon.


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