Friday, March 03, 2006

Drinking is bad

After waking up today in the middle of the afternoon and looking at my recent called list in my phone from last nite I began to think about drinking. I know that Bret wrote about drinking already but I wanted to say something as well. I don't understand why everyone loves to drink. I mean I am not saying that I don't at all but I just don't understand it whatsoever. I mean it has its good qualities; it brings people together, it is a major stress releiver after a long day of classes, and its a legal way to have fun (if your 21 of course). However, if you really think about it the negative side effects are a whole lot stronger. It often leads to confrontation, it makes you hot and your face red, its expensive, it causes the use of fake ids, it leads you to make bad judgements, often times it makes you not remember things that you totally should be remembering but usually are glad you don't, and the worst part about alcohol is that you feel like the worst pile of hell in the world the next morning, afternoon, and sometimes even the next nite. If alcohol does all of these horrible things then I don't see why we drink it so often. The countless words of "im never gonna drink again" never last and you find yourself right back in the same boat the next morning or afternoon or whenever you wake up. I think that alcohol should have some kind of warning on the box about these side effects, and it should defintely tell you that you shouldn't use your cell phone while using the product. Cell phones + alcohol ALWAYS lead to bad news. Whether it be having to try and find someone to drive you to get someone or something, calling past boyfriends or girlfriends and talking about things that you should definitely not be talking about, or even calling your parents in the middle of the night blatently drunk because you thought you were calling the person who's name is a line above or below theirs. I don't really know why I felt the urge to write about this particular topic but I was talking about it earlier at the Smokey Pig and wanted to write it out to be a reminder to myself just how bad alcohol really is.


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