Thursday, March 09, 2006

"i am a promise"

thie is a reflection on the movie "i am a promise"

I learned a lot by watching the movie I am a Promise. I know that we have always talked about kids that attend schools in the inner city and how they are not given a fair advantage when compared to other children but I never realized how disadvantaged they were. I knew that kids that were in schools like in the movie were brought up by parents who were considered poor. However, I didn’t think that it meant that the majority of the parents were on drugs and behaved the same way that the kids did. It was apparent that the kids’ behavior stemmed from their parents and if that is the case then there is really no way to change it.
Cornelius, for example, got into behavioral trouble often and hit people and disrespected people. The school called his mom and when she mom came to the school it was surprising to see that she acted worse than her son had. She told everyone that he was going to have to go home because she needed to punish him and flat out said that she was going to punch him in the face. If the boy is receiving that kind of attention from his own family, of course he is going to exhibit the same behavior at school to other kids. The part where the police were around the area of the school when the kids were dismissed and how the rumor was started that a little girl got picked up in a car and raped was also something I would have never really though about happening at the schools. I have never seen a school in an area surrounded by crime like that and now I can see that there are probably even worse places than the one in the movie.
After watching the movie I feel that things need to be done about inner city schools like this. It is like they are not on the same level at all as any school I have ever seen. Parenting programs would help a lot but I don’t even know how they would fix it since it seems that every single parent would need the help. Maybe a program that would allow kids to come to school earlier than normal so that they don’t have to sit outside alone waiting to come in would be useful because at least the kids would be safer. Also new ways of funding need to be dealt with before anything else.
It seems to be a continuous circle in the way that more funds are produced in districts with higher SES’s therefore more money going into the schools and thus their schools performing and looking better than those schools in districts of low SES’s. I don’t think that it is fair, the way that the money is distributed. Since that extra money given to the school in the wealthier districts of town show actual differences with that of their lower districts, it should make policymakers and delegates to work harder to put money into these lower school systems since it would guarantee results.
The movie allowed us to see that there are people who are dedicated to kids in all places, as seen with the principal’s interaction with the students of her school. She loved the kids and tried everything she could think of to make them succeed. I was really shocked that she did not stay with the school the following year. I think that the only reason she did not stay at the school was because she knew that no matter what her efforts were, they would not be enough to make the school succeed with the funding that they were receiving.


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