Monday, March 06, 2006

parking tickets

Last night before going to the library to do the massive amounts of work that always seem to accumulate on Sunday night I made a stop at Campus safety with one of my friends who had lost their swipey, for a fourth time. When we went in we had a rather interesting talk with the man behind the pyramid stacked coffee creamers behind the counter. He made us the swipey and then looked at her file and made a comment about the car she drove, saying that he knows her black four runner quite well. She asked him why he said it like that and he told her that she had about ten tickets so far this year. Then I asked him how many I had and I am lucky to have just half that amount. He assured us, however, that there are plenty of students who have far more than only ten tickets and even told us the different costs of the illegal spaces so that we can choose the cheapest. Just to let everyone know, the best place to park is faculty staff its only 25 dollars, also that spot beside the KA house with the stripes in the bottom half is illegal but if you park there for now it doesn't matter until they repaint it. The fire lane and the handicapped spots are going to run you 50 dollars so for that price you could have parked illegaly twice. If you park in the spot next to the one by the dumpsters you will get towed, like not even kidding the next day if you leave it there when the garbage people have to come. Okay, so after talking about the price of tickets with the guy we left and on the walk to the library we got to talking about how we we were giving up parking illegally for lent but how this is simply not going to be possible because sometimes there really is absolutely no place to park. I don't know if this is because a lot of people don't register their cars so the school doesn't take them into consideration for parking or what but its come to be quite a big deal. There is even a group on facebook that says "i have 99 problems and 82 of them are finding parking on campus". If we have the ability to get the swipey machines in the buiilding to extend their hours to ten from nine, and we can get the pink lemonade back in Macon Coffee then what can we do to make it so that there is more parking up campus. The freshman village lets you park right outside your room and they are freshman, I mean I was a freshman last year and got to live in Conrad and complained about parking but what about the juniors and seniors, and the sophomores since i am one of them, that are living in Moreland and Conrad and such that have to park at the Brock Center and across the railroad tracks to get to their room. It is not okay. People are even trying to trick the system by leaving the tickets on their windsheilds in hopes that campus safetly will think they already wrote them one for the day, or by parking right next to the door and pretending they arej ust running in for a minute. The fact that we would would rather rack up hundreds of dollars in bills to park a reasonable distance away is rediculous when you consider the amount of money we are paying anyways. I am just annoyed with this and so of course, I blogged.


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