Wednesday, March 22, 2006

science methods question 6

Science Methods Question #6

Is it important to require all students to answer aloud during class?

Sternberg says that one of the most important things that we can do in order to make sure that students understand what they are learning is by the way we, as teachers, answer their questions. He says that children are “natural question askers”. Taking children out for hands on learning like to a museum or something is a good way to make them learn but what you have to make sure that they are asking questions and you are answering them properly. In order to make children feel comfortable with asking questions it is good to say something like “that’s a good question” or I’m glad you asked that” after their questions. He sums up the article by saying that “he believes the single most helpful thing we can do to help children develop their intelligence is a simple one: take their questions into golden opportunities to think and learn.” Wilcox gives techniques that help teachers make sure that their students are grasping the information they are telling them. For example, he says that getting students to write down answers as you ask the question, as well as having them raise their hands if they agree or disagree with an answer said aloud. Letting students choose from a few different questions to answer is also a good idea because not all children think the same way. In reading these two articles I think that it is good to make students answer questions aloud in class at least once a day. I realize that some students are shy and might not like to answer in class but at the same time, in doing so, they will become more outspoken and confident with their answers. I think that Sternberg had a good idea with the positive reinforcements given to students after they ask a question and I liked Wilcox’s idea of letting them have a variety of questions to answer. Since kids have so many different learning preferences, giving a variety is a big deal. Pressuring children to answer too many questions, however, might make them intimidated to ever do it in the future if they aren’t required to.


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