Friday, March 10, 2006

So one of my friends that I have known for quite a while decided around New Years that she was going to get married. Granted, she has been with the guy for six years and he is nice and all that but the main reasonfor this sudden marriage, which is ocurring tommorrow at two, isn't because she has known him for six years or that he is really nice, but because she found out that she was three months pregnant. This whole situation really made me stop and think about things. She was a sophomore at Virginia Wesleyn on a softball scholarship and he has been working in the shipyard for quite a while being he is a few years older than us. They both had a life planned out, as many of us do pretty much, and were taking the right precautions about anything changing that plan. I know that getting married is something that is expected if one is to become pregnant but it made me think about what I would do in that situation. I lived a very similar life to hers, except for the six year long relationship but I mean getting pregnant is something that can totally happen in that .01% chance that it has. If you don't find out until three months into it, there not really much action that can be done (im not saying my opinion on abortion) but it would certainly be too late to do so. Now she has to drop out of school for the rest of the year and take a community college course and then transfer to ODU next spring. Her mom has been really supportive about it but when I think about it happening to me I know my father would not be quite so pleased. And another big part that I keep thinking about is how when you are a little girl, you think about your wedding and how perfect its going to be, for instance I want to get married on a roof and it to be at sunset and it will be all nice and for her I know she musth ave had some big thing planned but because of the situation has to change it all and rush it. And then I feel bad for wanting to do something so weird but fun and nice, when the whole point of getting married isn't really about that. My blog is kind of weird tonite I just wanted to write about what I was feeling about someone my age in such a situation.


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