Wednesday, March 15, 2006

what we did in class today

notes on the article so far....

Beauty: When the Other Dancer is the Self

Main point is that her daughter made her realize what beauty really meant.

This was so engaging because of the narrators use of detail and vocabulary.
ex: "my father, a fat, funny, man with..."
"biscuit-polished-patent-leather shoes..."
"glob of whiteish scar tissue..."

She also used the past to describe people and events like telling that she knew Miss Mey from her mom cleaning her house a long time ago, and how her "dress was handmade by her adoring sister, Ruth".

This is a personal narrative and she organized is chronologically emphasizing on important years and events.

The author bred familiarity between the reader and the narrator by telling the reader bits into her past, feelings during the story, and her perception of beauty and problems that she had with it all through her life. The story starts at when she is two and a half and ends when she is 27 and talking about her daughter. She plays with chronology by incorporating bits of her childhood as well as how it affected her adulthood with clear topic sentences stating her present age. The narrator was always the pretty girl (the only girl on her family as well) and when she gets shot in the eye by her brother she loses vision in it. She is no longer the pretty girl that stares at everyone but is the girl that looks down and gets stared at. This caused her to do poorly academically and socially and when she gets surgery to take out the white lump she becomes more self confident and does better in life. It wasnt until years later that anyone said anything about her eye and it was her daughter that brought it up. She thought it looked like the world in a show that she watched on tv and one day asked her mom how she got the world in her eye. This made the narrator see that her trying to hide it all the time and being embarrassed about it was the wrong way of thinking about it. She saw that she was beautiful the whole time and the line "you did not change" that she reiterated at different parts of the story was actually correct, she hadn't changed because she was always as beautiful on the inside.


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