Thursday, April 13, 2006


Today I blindfolded myself for an hour and 25 minutes. I told my friend Missy what I was supposed to do and asked her to stay with me while I was blindfolded. She had to run a few errands so I went with her to the mall and out to eat in Virginia Center Commons. When I first was blindfolded it was really hard to get used to not being able to see anything. It kind of made me feel car sick because I had no idea where we were going and there were many sudden stops and quick accelerations. When we went to the mall she had to guide me up the sidewalk, which I almost tripped on, and around the mall because I had trouble walking straight. I had no idea that walking straight would be a problem but after walking for about a half hour I started to get the hang of it. We went in a few stores and she would tell me what stores they were and I was in the mood to go shopping and ended up buying the most awful looking shirt from Express because the texture of the shirt felt nice. . I couldn’t imagine not being able to know what the clothes I wore every day looked like and when I took my blindfold off it was a reality check for me in a way. Paying was a very big hassle. I tried to use cash but couldn’t differentiate between the bills and ended up paying with twenty more dollars than I needed to. We all laughed because it was apparent that I was blindfolded but for the blind I think paying would be very difficultAfter buying a few more frivolous items, like a teddy bear and a pair of shoes because they were very comfortable, we went to eat at panera and I must say that because I couldn’t see the food, it tasted a lot better. I don’t know why this is but I really think I enjoyed it a lot more than I normally would. Paying for this was another problem. I had spent all my cash and wanted to use my debit card but I had no idea which card that was in my wallet. I kept handing the lady different cards asking if one was my bb and t card while my friend was laughing because I told her she wasn’t allowed to help me. The whole experience really was quite frustrating, in my opinion. It made me see how much we take things like our sight for granted. When we had to close our eyes for five minutes in class I thought it was difficult so having to be blindfolded for over an hour was something that I don't think I will ever do again. It gradually became easier as time progressed and I am sure that eventually you adjust a lot more, but it must be hard for those with visual impairments because they world is really a seeing world. I thought that I had it hard because I am left handed in a right handed world, but I am definitely going to think more about those that are blind or have other such serious impairments.


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