Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Brenna Wade
Science Methods
Question 2

What concerns you most about doing a lab activity lesson with your class?

The article "teaming up" talks about breaking students up into groups when giving them lab activity assignments. The students are given different roles in each group such as material manager, time keeper, recorder, etc. This will allow them all to participate equally and feel involved. It also helps the teacher in that they have designated students who are supposed to get out of their seats and do the talking. I think that when doing lab activity lessons breaking them into different roles is very important.
My biggest concern is that the students might not like the role that they are given but I think that this could be controlled by switching their roles each time they work in a group to make sure that they get to experience all of them. I think this will not only help with classroom management but it will help the children learn what their strengths and weaknesses are and their learning preferences. The teacher will be able to see what roles the students do best at and could maybe work with that throughout the rest of the school year.


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