Saturday, April 15, 2006

Brenna Wade
Science Methods
Question #5

Should students be forced to participate in the science fair? Why or why not?

I think that students should be forced to participate in the science fair. I agree with the article Short Circuit to the Science Fair in that the parents always end up participating often times more than the student does, but I think that this is good because it gives the student a chance to do their homework with their parents. Parent’s aren’t always involved in their child’s school work but they pretty much have to be involved in the science fair since it is usually such a big part of their grade. It gives them a chance to work together and even if the parent thinks it takes too much time or is too big of a hassle, they should understand that they only have to do it once a year and it probably means more to their children than they realize. I know when I was growing up I absolutely hated the science fair because I could never get anything to go correctly and then my parents always had to do the experiment but I got to decorate the board and I learned why the experiment played out as it did. I never really knew if the teachers realized that parents were the ones doing the science projects but I guess they did. As I got older I began to do the projects with less and less help and although I still hated them, I think that it made me learn the scientific process which helps in many different areas of education. Overall, I think that the science fair is highly annoying and a big hassle but it is necessary and I think that all students should be forced to participate.


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