Thursday, April 06, 2006

i know we are supposed to stop writing about new things and foucs on old things and redo them but i just cant to that tonite. yesturday i was walking back from class and i totally bit it and fell flat on my face on the sidelwalk by macon coffee. i looked odwn and blood was all over my foot and i went back and rinsed it off and my toe had this huge peice of skin that was peeled all the way back. i am pretty good about pain and i ahte doctors so i just took some medicine to make me pass out and went to bed. when i woke up this morning it hurt sooooo bad and the skin wasl ike purply black and i went to the nurse and she told me i hsould have got stitches yesturdya but now it was too latebecause the skin is dead. she gave me some perscriptions to put on it so the infection doesnt keep going and also some perscription for pain called tramadol. i dont really usually like pain meds like vicodin cause it makes me itchy and i usually have a really high tolerance for pain. i took this medicine and it makes me feel like i have taken too many drugs and am drunk at the same time and it makes me start to think about how can doctors just give out pain medicine that makes you feel that way. like not the whole how can they giv it out thign but how can we juts make medicine that we kno is going to make us feel like that. i cant write anythign else i know this blog is not what its suposed to be byt reading is relly making me nauseos. ill write more tommorrow.


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