Monday, April 10, 2006


In reading the different chapters, I think that chapters 11 and 12 on causal arguments and propsals work best for my controversy. The cause and effect strategy works well because it shows people what will happen if they don't act of participate in change. It hits the readers interests if they feel they have anything to do with the community. If you want to have a good causal argument you have to have good content and background to make the reader see why they should participate in the argument. The other chapter I feel is a good strategy in my controversy is on proposals. Telling that a should to b because of c targets interest because it focuses on the future and tells what will happen due to the proposal. It centers on the audience which my controversy does because the point is to engage the readers to want to do something about the effects of Hurricane Katrina. It stresses the ethos of the writer and I feel that I am dealing with an emotional subject. There is also a definite need or problem in my controversy through the use of personal experience.


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