Monday, April 17, 2006

rough draft proposal

As we all know, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast extremely hard this past September, nearly devastating all in its path. My controversy deals directly with those hit the hardest by this natural disaster. Those living in the Lower Ninth Ward have lost not only all of their possessions, but their homes and quite possible their neighborhood as well. The issue at hand is whether or not the neighborhoods in the Lower Ninth Ward should be rebuilt. Writing for _______________ magazine, I plan to persuade those who live in New Orleans to fight for the cultural landmark that so many want to destroy. Just because the area is not home to million dollar estates, as seen in other areas of the city, the history and culture in the area is just as important as the French Quarter and other areas. Using my own experience in helping rebuild areas in New Orleans and meeting people who lived in such low lying areas, I hope to show that in deciding not to rebuild the Lower Ninth Ward, we would not only be destroying houses, but destroying lives. This community is one of the closest knit communities in the New Orleans area and through their stories I hope to portray its importance all of my readers.


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