Wednesday, April 19, 2006

style # 9

This lesson deals with the style of elegance in writing. What makes sentences most graceful is the use of balance and symmetry. It is based on coordination where the clases and phrases echo one another in order and sound which gives it symmetry. It is also possible to balance sentences that are not grammatically coordinated where the subordinate clause can balance the main clause. It says to make the first element shorter than the following ones. Coordination is easily mastered with the use of and, or, not, but and yet. In order to make sentences clear and elegant you should use nominalizations at the end of the sentence becuase they are not light like adjectives and adverbs or heavy like nouns. Nominalizations give a climactic edge to the sentence and an emphasis. Three ways to end a sentence with this emphasis are to use of + nominalization as I just said, to use a word at the end of a sentence that sort of echose an earlier word as to reinforce it, and to use chiasmus which is used by makign the second part of the sentence reverse the first part. It is also important to keep the length of your sentences in mind when writing. Sentences that are too long or too short make the flow off balanced. If you have a tendency to make all sentences more than thirty words, or all less than fifteen you really need to change them. Variety is key.


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