Saturday, April 08, 2006

wordsworth poem

Paraphrase of Wordsworth’s Lines Written in Early Springtime

Stanza 1: I was listening to the sound of nature while sitting outside. I was in a good mood thinking of pleasant thoughts that then brought sad thoughts to my mind.

Stanza 2: I became more connected with myself because of Nature’s work and doing. This made me sad because I realized what man is now and does to eachother.

Stanza 3: I see that plants have faith in Nature in looking at green shrubs and periwinkle flowers. I believe that every flower enjoys the air it breathes.

Stanza 4: the animals are all playing and although I can’t hear their thoughts, I am sure they enjoy and appreciate Nature.

Stanza 5: The twigs blow in the breeze and I think they enjoyed it.

Stanza 6: If Nature’s plan from heaven is to enjoy nature and the satisfaction it brings, then shouldn’t I be sad that man doesn’t see it that way?

The idea of enjoying nature and the happiness it brings us is being contrasted with the unhappiness that man has brought himself.

He capitalizes the word Nature as to humanize it maybe a reference to it being spiritual and God-like. He chooses not to capitalize Heaven to show that he thinks it’s an imaginary place and man cannot get to it.

Wordsworth is above all the poet of the remembrance of things past or, as he put it, of “emotion recollected in tranquility.” Some object or event in the present triggers a sudden renewal of feelings he had experienced in youth; the result is a poem exhibiting the discrepancy between what Wordsworth called “two consciousnesses”: himself as he is now and the himself as he once was. (245) This relates to the poem because it is all about how one day while he was sitting outside watching the bushes and such, he had a reawakening and saw just how important nature was. He thought back and realized that man generally does not see the importance of nature. He sees how nature works together and brings happiness to everything and man brings unhappiness and what they do to one another. This change shows his changing views of nature.


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